Q&A: WOW World of Warcraft Cheats and Shortcuts? Where can I find them?

Question: WOW World of Warcraft Cheats and Shortcuts? Where can I find them?
Im looking for shortcuts and cheats in world of warcraft.  Where is the best place to find them.  Can you tell me cheats when it comes leveling faster in the game.

Best answer:
Well you can cheat in wow but be careful.  Cheats are considered something that can get your account banned.  While they are very tempting but just make sure you can live with your account being banned if it comes about.  Also if you are all about getting cheats then id check out http://www.taultunleashed.com as its pretty much the best site out there for cheating.

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  • Johnnie D

    If u play wow online with ur account,activating a cheat will probably delete ur account(have done this with Counter-Strike,used the leis hack but they found out pretty easily)so I dont recommend it.Now if u want to use cheats while playing a campaign with the pc press enter and then “whosyourdaddy”,u become invincible and u have the one hit kill ability(I think u put all the words together try to separate them If it won’t work).Hope this helps!

  • Jessica

    my ex did this thinking he wouldnt get a ban and guess what they ban him oright for life

    IMO dont cheat exploit the game just play it

  • aperfectcircle53

    The game isn’t THAT hard. You don’t really need cheats. However, it can be challenging. Try making friends by joining a guild. They can probably help you with anything and everything.

  • I??Y

    If you want to level fast, I suggest looking at Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide. It’s an addon that’s free, just download from the website along with the other addons it lists to help support it. Trust me, it works wonders. No cheats involved, just tells you where to go, what quests to get, and how to do them. Don’t download the Horde one, it’s outdated and hasn’t been fixed for a long time.


    You can learn about the game for real and play it good. Here is a good guide, or else just keep playing because practice makes perfect – http://wowlevellingguides.blogspot.com/

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