World of Warcraft Cataclysm Private Server Tutorial

Here is a great guide on how you can open up your own world of warcraft cataclysm server.

- Download the cataclysm client.  You can find it via bittorent sites or on searches.  Make sure it’s the English one for the usa server.

- Now go and install the cataclysm client.  Make sure you run it as a admin.  This is going to take awhile for it to fully install.

- Now go and download novas easy wow cataclysm server update.  You can get it via rapidshare.

- Make sure you now follow the follow steps below

- Go to the world of warcraft beta/data/enUS.

- Click on where it says realmlist.

- There put in set realmlist

- Now go and start a Novas easy wow cataclysm server.

- Enjoy.

Here is even more help:

Based on my Novo’s Easy WoW Server, now I release the first WoW Server for Cataclysm.
This is not just a Sandbox, it is based on Fabi’s DiamondCore which is based on Mangos, a full functional WoW Server with a good Database.

So this could be the FIRST real WORKING WoW Server for Cataclysm!

What you can do:
- You will need to install WotLK enUS to install WoW Cataclysm Alpha Patch 4.0.0
- You will need to use WotLK 3.3.3 Maps! (Create with the Easyhandler or download it)
- Play WotLK like on other Repacks normally
- Create and Login as Worg and Goblin
- Transform into Worg Form Spell
- Spawn on the right Startplaces.
- New Items
- New Class / Race Combo!
- New Cataclysm 4.0.0 dbc files

-> Very much Skills and npc-trainers needs to be fixed, so don’t care about the big error log at the moment.
If you have fixes, post to me!
-> Items needs to be warable for Worg and Goblin also.

Watch out our GIT Repository for Changelog:
Commit History for Fabi’s diamondcore – GitHub


RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting – Easy Filehosting

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